Meet Anders Quitzau – our man in Norway

We are thrilled to introduce Anders Quitzau our new expert representative for TubeLock® in Norway. With over 15 years of experience, he has held various key positions, including supervisor and tool specialist offshore, personnel coordinator onshore, and leading roles in project management, quality assurance, maintenance, and logistics. This diverse background has provided him with a deep understanding of the industry and its complexities, making him well-equipped to handle any challenge that comes his way. 

Tubelock® TTRS System as a safer and more efficient solution

Although primarily working with slinged tubulars in the past, Anders recognizes the immense potential of the TubeLock® system in the Norwegian market. Norway’s continental shelf is a vast market that demands both efficiency and safety, making the TubeLock® TTRS system the perfect solution to meet these requirements. 

Anders has witnessed firsthand the dangers that come with slinging pipes during loading and unloading of supply vessels, as well as during offshore operations. With the TubeLock® TTRS system, these hazards are eliminated, providing a more efficient solution for shipping and handling tubulars, reducing lifts, and eliminating the need for wire slings and clamps. In addition, the system allows for critical tasks such as pipe tally to be completed onshore, providing a Ready-to-Run system from onshore to offshore. 

Anders' Vision for TubeLock® System in the industry

Anders is enthusiastic about the potential of the TubeLock® system to revolutionize the industry’s approach to safety. He firmly believes that the TubeLock® system will soon become the go-to system for handling tubulars in the future, representing a much-needed change in the industry’s approach to safety. With his extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, Anders is an invaluable resource for our team. 

We are excited to have Anders join our team and look forward to the wealth of experience and knowledge he brings with him as we continue to grow and expand our business in Norway. His expertise and dedication will undoubtedly make a significant impact on our team and the success of TubeLock® in Norway. Join us in extending a warm welcome to our newest team member, Anders! 

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Anders Quitzau