Meet David Craig, UK Base Manager

Dave is overseeing all onshore and offshore activities making sure everything is running smoothly, while also supporting customers and generating sales enquiries in his everyday work.

Being involved in the lifting industry for more than 20 years, Dave has extensive knowledge and experience with different types of lifting gear. Having previously been employed as a country manager for an inspection company based in Qatar.

Dave foresees that TubeLock® will be seen as the “go-to” system to optimize client´s operations and acknowledged as an essential part of improving safety on offshore operations.

David Craig

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NORSOK approves increased limit for Safe Working Load on TubeLock® TTRS

Reduce the number of lifts and CO2 emissions and save time with the new increased limit for TubeLock® TTRS’s Safe Working Load. The load capacity of Global Gravity’s TubeLock® TTRS (Tubular Transport Running System) has been increased in Norway with a new NORSOK standards approval. Previously approved to have a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 6

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