Verton lifting gear

Make lifting operations safer with remote load control from Verton

Global Gravity is partnered with the Australia-based smart technology company, Verton. Together we raise the bar to a whole new level and reinvent the world of lifting operations.

Reinventing Lifting Operations

Tubular transport and running in one operation

Verton unlocks improvements in safety and productivity, with their world-first range of remote-controlled load-management systems.

Using Verton’s revolutionary gyroscopic technology, creating an output torque, precisely rotating and holding suspended loads without the need for taglines. Eliminating inefficient, costly, and unsafe practices from your lifting operations.

Same job but safer, faster and smarter

With Verton's solutions, suspended loads can be managed and rotated with a remote-control system. Providing a hands-free lifting solution, eliminating taglines to meet your lifting operation safety compliance standards.

Workers no longer have to be near or even under moving loads. Removing them from the drop zone, pinch points, and out of harm’s way.

The remote-control solutions instantly make your team more productive by making it possible for just one person to achieve precise control over orientation at the touch of a button. You need less space and time to lift a load, you have less impact on your surroundings.

Learn more about the possibilities with Verton on their website.
A whole new way

Safer working environments through innovative lifting

Our goal is clear:
Safety benefits for all

We want safety for all personnel and the environment at the lowest possible cost. At Global Gravity, we invented TubeLock® TTRS for the safety of the personnel involved. Many of our employees have seen first-hand the dangers of the traditional pipe handling methods offshore. Using a reusable system like TubeLock is a far safer and more sustainable way to improve your logistics and efficiency compared to the massively wasteful and dangerous methods of slings and baskets.

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