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Yes, TubeLock® is a rental system. Rental periods may vary depending on your needs and requirements. Our system is available for short-term and long-term rental.

Without a doubt! TubeLock® is available for both rental and purchase. We aim to offer you the best possible solution that suits your needs.

No, TubeLock® is more than just a lifting or transporting system. We invented the world’s first Tubular Transport Running System (TTRS) – a system used not just for transport but for handling your pipes right up until they go into the well.

TubeLock® is a system used on the global market, and currently, we operate in excess of 4,000 systems.

TubeLock® costs no more than a standard 45’ basket or other comparative means of sending chrome and sand screens offshore.

No. As a matter of fact, TubeLock® saves you money on your operation due to the time and space saved. Of course, modern technology comes at a cost, but we are happy to be compared cost wise against other modern means of transport systems.

As with most improvements, TubeLock® comes with a price tag. However, TubeLock® will significantly reduce your operational cost. You will save time while handling pipe from boat to rig, save time and space on the rig and save space on the supply boat. This will allow you to use more equipment aboard the boat and have a shorter turnaround time for the supply boat. Thereby, TubeLock® proved itself as a solution that saves  time, money and fatigued personnel.

On your request, we can send our supervisors to your base, specific pipe yard or offshore. We can also provide you with our online training program, which will equip your personnel with more profound knowledge about TubeLock® and how to assemble it faster. We are open to different solutions; depending on your needs, we can adjust.

No, the TubeLock® system is relatively easy to use. We will provide you with online training or a training course if deemed necessary so you will be more than ready to use it on your own. If you specifically request, we can send our people to help you.

TubeLock® is certified in accordance with international standards but inspected and used as per local regulations. The certification period alters from 6 months to 12 months, depending on local regulations

In over ten years, we never experienced a situation where the customer could not use the TubeLock® system.


Yes, TubeLock® is certified to DNVGL-ST-0378 Standard for Offshore and Platform for Lifting Appliances and NORSOK R-002 Annex C-Group R5.

Our system is easy to assemble, and with little training and time, your speed can even improve even more. So far, everyone who has used our TubeLock® system has been able to assemble it in less than 15 minutes. Another way to save extra time during your operations.

Absolutely. Not only does it reduce risk while lifting, but TubeLock® also reduces the number of lifts by 50%, hence reducing the personnel in the “red” zone by 50%. And there is no need to release wrapped slings/bulldog clamps, releasing kinetic energy from the bundled pipe and endangering personnel. The risk is cut in half due to the severely limited number of lifts needed.  No more pipe slipping in bundles and relocation; in TubeLock®, each layer of pipe is tied down using two mid-centred bolts for each layer, ensuring the pipe is not moving during handling.

Yes, TubeLock® actually saves up to 83% on crane lifts compared to slings, crates and other frames. Pipes can be prepped at the pipe yard by tallyed, drifted and fitted with centralisers (if required) prior to load out, resulting in only necessary lifts.  Besides that, there is no need for crane lifts onshore during packing and loading/unloading trucks, as pipes in TubeLock® can be safely moved with a forklift. You can always check our training videos to see how TubeLock® can help reduce your offshore lifts. For videos, check the link: Videos - Global Gravity

Not at all. TubeLock® can be stacked higher on Supply Vessels and rigs than the bundled pipe, saving you deck space. The main gain, however, is that pipes in TubeLock® TTRS can be lifted directly from the supply vessel to the pipe deck/Cantilever deck - never having to touch down on the main deck, saving a whole deck worth of space effectively. And on the backload, the frames take almost no space, as they are packed neatly in containers, saving truckloads of space on return.

This depends on the weight and size of your pipe. TubeLock® can carry between 2 joints of 20” R3 joints of casing up to more than 45 joints of 2-3/8” per system.

TubeLock® comes in all standard sizes from 2-3/8” through 14” and can be used up to and including 20” pipe. Find all technical specifications about TubeLock® here: Technical Specifications - Global Gravity

Up to today, we didn't have many cases of damaged/missing parts, but on average, it is less than 1%.

Yes, without a problem, because TubeLock® is certified to be used as a partially filled system.

Yes, pipes can be picked directly from TubeLock® with a pipe handler or by using a normal crane.

Certainly, TubeLock® profiles that come into contact with your chrome pipe are produced in aluminium, making them softer. Meaning the system won't scratch or cause galvanic corrosion to your chrome pipe.

With TubeLock, you can make sub assembly and ship it. It is a safe and modern way of pipe transporting and pipe handling. It replaces standard tubular transport frames or handling frames since it is all in one system. With TubeLock, you can make sub assembly and ship it. It is a safe and modern way of pipe transporting and pipe handling. It replaces standard tubular transport frames or handling frames since it is all in one system. With TubeLock, you can make sub assembly and ship it. It is a safe and modern way of pipe transporting and pipe handling. It replaces standard tubular transport frames or handling frames since it is all in one system.This is one of the advantages of the TubeLock® system. In the pictures, it can be seen that sub-assembly is not a problem for our tubular transporting and handling frame.

With TubeLock®, we wanted to secure safety for everyone involved in pipe handling. Therefore, each size is designed for one size only to ensure the best grip on your pipe. 

Different lengths, no problem at all. We have a system that supports stacking and placing different pipe lengths into a frame. There is a procedure in this case on how pipes should be placed for safe and secure transportation because personnel safety is always our main priority.

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