The worlds first

Tubular Transport Running System TTRS®

Not all frame systems are created equal. At Global Gravity we invented the world’s first Tubular Transport Running System (TTRS), TubeLock® – a system used not just for transport, but for handling your pipes right up until they go into the well.

At Global Gravity we are committed to safety on a global scale. Using our system reduces CO2 emissions, as handling time is significantly reduced, meaning less polluting operational time for both cranes and supply vessels. On backload, our system is packed neatly, taking up less space on the supply vessels, again meaning less polluting trips back and forth.

The oil industry has to reduce its CO2 emissions by an incredible amount before 2030, and though using our system won’t fix it all, it is the easiest step in the right direction. Order today and be operational tomorrow. 


Save money, time and carbon emissions

The task was simple for us: Improve pipe handling safety offshore. What we didn’t expect, was that safety was just one of the benefits our customers experience. The feedback we get is astonishing, as customers report significant savings in time, money and carbon emissions in addition to improved safety. And all because of a better frame system.

Yes. It sounds too good to be true, but really it is quite logical and very simple. Check out the illustration video, for a more in-depth understanding of why, the TubeLock® TTRS system is a gamechanger.

It's about safety - and so much more

Our goal is clear: We want safety for all personnel involved and at lowest possible cost to the environment. We take our responsibility of providing a safe solution for the offshore industry very seriously. Read about our safety vision.

TubeLock is the future of pipe handling - but you don't have to wait

Using TubeLock® TTRS will save you time offshore - both because pipes can be prepped at the pipe yard tallying, drifted and fitting with centralisers (if required) prior to load out.

Our case studies show, that you will save upwards of 50% of pipe handling time on the boat-to-rig handling alone.

TubeLock® TTRS can be stacked much higher than traditional pipe handling methods and will take up less space on the boat.

The main gain, however, is that pipes in TubeLock® TTRS can be lifted directly from supply vessel to pipe deck - never having to touch down on the main deck, saving effectively a whole deck worth of space.

On the backload, the frames take almost no space, as they are simply stacked neatly in containers, saving truckloads of space.

Because TubeLock® TTRS is saving you time and space, it is also saving you money. You can reduce your rig-time, reduce the amount of money spent on fuel for cranes and boats and trucks - even reduce personel on the pipe yard, because pipe handling with TubeLock® TTRS only takes a few people.

Use TubeLock® TTRS for any and all pipes


Reduce your CO2 emissions automatically

Reducing your carbon footprint is no easy task – especially not for a drilling operation. That is why it makes perfect sense, to make the simple adjustment of just switching your pipe transport method, in order to automatically reduce your emissions with countless crane-hours, boat-hours, rig-hours and so much more – improving efficiency and reducing waste  at the same time. 

Certified and with you all the way

We know that time is money and one of the biggest worries big companies have, when switching out the old ways, is that new systems are hard to learn and costly to install – both because of errors in first-use and retraining the crews.

You won’t find that problem with TubeLock® TTRS. Our system is ready to go and easy to use. We have extensive training videos, showing you and your people how to easily operate the system and you are guaranteed to save time, even in first-use. We know this because that’s the feedback we have recieved from our clients.