Meet TubeLock® TTRS and Verton

Get your tubular handling up to modern standards and create a safer and better work environment for all your personnel. 


Faster, safer, greener and better tubular transport and handling

The TubeLock® TTRS system is a game-changer for all tubular transport and handling. Where the methods for getting pipe offshore previously have been both dangerous and inefficient, you now can use a system for both transporting and running your pipes.

Feedback from customers shows that TubeLock® TTRS can save you up to 83% of your crane lifts and a tremendous amount of time and money. 

MEET Verton

Safe and efficient crane lifts with complete control

Global Gravity is partnered with the Australia-based smart technology company, Verton. Vertons unlocks improvements in safety and productivity with the world’s first range of remote-controlled load-management systems. That means incredible improvements in both time and safety for all personnel involved.