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Danish Hospital Clowns works to strengthen hospitalized children's joy and courage so that they can better withstand the course of the disease.

Danish Hospital Clowns (Danske Hospitalsklovne)

Every year, around 75,000 children are hospitalised in Denmark. Danish Hospitals Clowns (Danske Hospitalsklovne) strives to bring joy and resilience to these young patients. As a charitable organisation, they rely on the support of individuals, businesses, and foundations to expand their reach and visit more children. Together, we can brighten children’s days and provide comfort during their medical journey.

“We proudly stand behind Danish Hospitals Clowns (Danske Hospitalsklovne) because we recognise the profound impact they have on hospitalised children and their families. Through their work, they create a brighter environment and offer a much-needed source of joy and positivity during difficult times.”

Esbjerg's ice hockey history began way back in 1964, when Esbjerg Ice Hockey Club was separated from Esbjerg Skate Club. The club won the first championship in 1969 and has a total of seven championships.

Esbjerg Elite Ishockey A/S

Esbjerg Energy is a professional ice hockey club driven by excellence, strong partnerships, and a desire to win championships. They are supported by loyal sponsors and powered by a team of dedicated players, coaches, and employees. Through their commitment to the sport and the community, they inspire fans and make a positive impact. 

“At Global Gravity, we proudly support Esbjerg Energy because we firmly believe in the importance of local support. Esbjerg Energy is more than just an ice hockey association; it’s a catalyst that brings people together, fostering a sense of community. We share their passion for the game and the joy it brings. Together, we celebrate the power of hockey and the unity it creates.”

Education Esbjerg was established to strengthen Southwest Jutland with education.

Education Esbjerg E.1

Education Esbjerg is on a mission to strengthen Southwest Jutland through education. They actively shape the political agenda at local, regional, and national levels. Moreover, they foster strong networks both nationally and internationally, with the aim of supporting favourable frameworks and educational conditions in Esbjerg and Southwest Jutland.

“We are happy to support and be a part of Esbjerg Education and recognise the value of strengthening educational systems. We believe in the power of education to transform lives and communities. That is why we take great pride in contributing mentors to their mentorship programs. Together, we can empower the next generation with knowledge, guidance, and opportunities, creating a brighter future for Esbjerg and beyond.”

(Kvaglund Idrætsforening Håndbold) - (Kvaglund Sports Association Handball)

Kvaglund Sports Association Handball (Kvaglund Idrætsforening Håndbold)

KIF is a voluntary association established in 2009 and the perfect place for anyone interested in the world of handball. This club is like a big, friendly family. They have happy players, coaches and managers who work hard and a strong, dependable board to lead them. 

Aberdeen FC ladies football team is sponsored by Global Gravity

Aberdeen FC Ladies

Aberdeen FC Ladies is a grassroots club run by volunteers, and their goal is to promote girl’s football in the North East of Scotland. They have over 180 signed players aged 6 to 18 years old and operate a full pathway at the regional level. AFC Ladies aim to develop girls’ football in the local area, set the highest sporting standards and develop players who are competing at every level.