TubeLock® TTRS from a crane operator’s perspective

TubeLock® TTRS makes pipe handling easier and safer

As a former offshore crane operator, Field Supervisor Lars Jakobsen has experienced the numerous benefits of TubeLock® TTRS first hand in the harsh environment of the North Sea.

“The best thing about TubeLock® TTRS is that you avoid long transit slings. You avoid bundling, and therefore laying the pipes out, because they are already numbered and ready to grab straight from the TubeLock® TTRS system. This saves a lot of time, and above all it makes the work safer for the people handling the pipes on the rig”, says Field Supervisor Lars Jakobsen from Global Gravity.

As a former offshore crane operator, Lars Jakobsen has handled hundreds of drill pipes, tubing and casing, which in most cases are handled in a process that is both inefficient and associated with great risk, as the heavy loads are rolled out, stacked and bundled with 10- to 12-metre-long steel wires. But he has also experienced the benefits of the TubeLock® TTRS system, which was implemented while he worked on the Maersk Resolve rig.

“As a crane operator, I saw TubeLock® TTRS make a monumental difference to the working environment and to our safety. Every day, the crew work in harsh conditions, exposed to wind, cold and noise in a very challenging working space. There is a great risk of injury to people and damage to equipment. It is not far from the walkway to the edge, and bulldog clamps and tools have been dropped on several occasions”, says Lars Jakobsen.  

“Using TubeLock® TTRS saves a huge amount of time. Everything is pre-packed onshore and ready to lift onto the rig when the boat arrives. The deck crew just need to guide the crane and thus avoid manual handling of the pipes”, he says.

As a Field Supervisor at Global Gravity, he now uses his offshore experience to ensure that everything is in order prior to shipping.

Former Crane Operator, Lars Jakobsen

Crane Operators point of view: The main benefits of using TubeLock® TTRS

With TubeLock, the pipes are individually prenumbered, and the frames are equipped with numbered tarps before shipping. The crew can therefore avoid the cumbersome task of crawling around numbering them. This reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls.

The large, numbered tarps make it easy for the crew to see which racks to bring up next.

There are no long transit slings, and you can transport several pipes at a time.

The crew avoid having to lay out out pipes and dismantle bulldog clamps because the pipes are already in the correct order in the TubeLock® TTRS system.

The TubeLock® TTRS modules are easy to stack on top of each other. The crew thus avoid using heavy wooden dunnage.

It is easy to pick up the pipes with the pipe handler direct from the TubeLock® TTRS, and the crew do not have to sling the pipes up.

Less manual handling means improved safety for the crew.

There is virtually no time spent tidying up, as unpacking, handling and stowage are done at the same time.

Help avoid pipe snagging in man holes on Supply boat during offshore crane lifts from boat to rig.