To see is to believe - handling and transporting tubular has never been easier

Time is money, we know, and there are always risks in changing up your old ways. But you can switch to TubeLock® tomorrow, and you will save time right away – even on first use. That is how easy-to-use the TubeLock® TTRS system is.

Try it for yourself to see how simple it really is.

pipe handling

Pipe handling with TubeLock® system

Watch animation that explains how to use TubeLock system offshore. Animation includes entire process – from backloading to transporting and offloading.

The future of pipe handling

Detailed video of how to assemble TubeLock® system

Video shows Tubular Transport Running System TTRS or shortly TubeLock. It is a safe system used not just for transport but for handling your pipes right up until they go into the well.
Check how you can improve your processes with TubeLock.

How to assemble

Detailed video of how to assemble TubeLock® system

Video shows a detailed description of how to assemble TubeLock system. It includes everything from setting up and assembling frames to packing pipes and quality checking


Case: Load out at Esbjerg Harbour showing pipeyard-to-boat

Video shows a real-life loadout at the Esbjerg Harbour. See the simple handling on pipeyard with forklift and watch the safe and undramatic loading of the boat, with pipes neatly stacked. 


Time-lapse of pipes being packed for transport

Watch the simple process of readying pipes for transport on pipe yard. All it takes is a few people, a forklift and very few tools. See for yourself, how easy it is.

Global Gravity in numbers

...based on customer feedback. Book an online demonstration with us, and we’ll show you, how we do it.

Save up to
offshore crane-lifts

Save up to
time on first use

Reduce CO2 up to
per well

…compared to slings/crates/frames.