Transporting containers across the Atlantic – Challenge accepted

Some time ago, Global Gravity received a request for a not-quite-standard task. A large operator in Norway crossed upon a challenge they couldn’t solve alone. So, they asked transportation companies in their neighborhood to help them, but nobody had the right solution. At that moment, they started looking outside of Norway for the right company to offer them a unique solution. This was the moment when we stepped in.

You may wonder what the problem was that only Global Gravity could fix


The operator urgently needed to transport several containers filled with 7” casing to Houston and back. In Houston, a special coating plant waited for their pipe to be delivered, and the time was running out. The main issue was not the transportation itself but how to protect pipes with its new special ceramic coating on the return journey.

We all know that the transportation of tubulars in containers is not new at all. Still, it has huge safety complications for the personnel packing and unpacking the containers, and there is a high probability of the tubular being damaged during loading and unloading.

With you through every step

Our skilled and experienced team sat together and made a plan. We devised the trolley/Bogie system using 7” TubeLock profiles. Our system enabled the pipe to be loaded and unloaded without any personnel needing to be in the container. As we always say, safety is the priority. The moment pipes were placed in the container, they were secured, thus avoiding any damage during transport.
From the start-up to the final step, Global Gravity’s team supervised and supported the loading process of pipes into containers. Our team loaded the containers in Stavanger, and our staff in Houston supervised unpackaging and reloading of the same containers. We also assisted in the loading and unloading of the pipes on and off the trucks at the coating plant. This project was a major success for us and our very satisfied customers. There were no injuries or damages reported.

TubeLock and our skilled team are changing the future 

By allowing us to help you with your tasks, we increase safety for all personnel included. Moreover, you and your business will benefit in several ways – you will save money, reduce inefficiency, optimize processes, and reduce CO2 emissions.
We are your trusted partner and first choice in the optimization of all processes of pipe handling within all types of well interventions and drilling operations worldwide. Whenever you have a challenge or a simple task, contact us, and we will provide you with the best-customised solution.

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Carbon footprint study - Global Gravity’s TubeLock and business-as-usual wire sling comparinson
3rd party, Viegand Maagøe A/S, did full research about carbon footprint where TubeLock and business-as-usual wire were compared. The study included many areas, and the result shows that TubeLock TTRS System produces 16.6 tons of CO2 and standard slings produce 51.81 tons of CO2 per standard well. This is yet another confirmation that Global Gravity is your first step towards a more sustainable future in transporting pipes.
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