Global Gravity and IOT Energy Services form new partnership

Combining Expertise to Redefine the Future

We are delighted to announce that Global Gravity has entered into a new partnership with IOT Energy Services Australia. IOT Energy Services Australia is a leading supplier of downhole equipment and services. Specifically rental drilling tools, tubular and casing running services and workshop pre-assembly services to operators, drilling contractors and service companies.    The partnership between IOT Energy Services Australia and Global Gravity will see the two companies working together to provide a world-class tubular transport running system, specifically the TubeLock® system, to the Australasian market.   
IOT Energy Service facility where they will offer TubeLock as part of the partnership agreement.
IOT Energy Services Australia HQ

Benefits of the TubeLock® System for the Australasian Market

IOT Energy Service and they indoor storage where TubeLock will be stored

The TubeLock® system is a unique, patented system that provides a safe and efficient method of transporting and securing drill pipes, casings and other tubulars during drilling operations.   

We are excited about this new partnership and the opportunities it will bring to both companies and the Australian market. This new partnership between Global Gravity and IOT Energy Services Australia will provide Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea customers with access to the cutting-edge TubeLock® system.  

The TubeLock® system is designed to be used in all drilling operations and will provide improved safety and efficiency while performing tubular transport. The system includes patented technology, along with a locking mechanism that allows secure and precise transportation of the tubulars.  

World-Class Engineering and Technical Support Available for Customers

The partnership between Global Gravity and IOT Energy Services Australia will also mean that customers will have access to world-class engineering and technical support. Global Gravity’s team of engineers and technicians are trained and experienced in providing the highest standard of services and maintenance for the TubeLock® system. IOT Energy Services Australia is renowned for its customer service, with dedicated teams available to provide 24-7 support and help with any enquiries.  

We are thrilled to have entered this new partnership with IOT Energy Services Australia. We look forward to the success of this partnership and the benefits that it will bring to customers in the Australasian market.  

Contact information:

IOT Energy Services Australia Pty Ltd.
Jandakot, WA, 6164 Australia

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